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Business Rules

1. Information


JETfly WebShop is owned by:
Silicon Dreams Ltd.
12 (I/1.) Kohid street, Kecskemet 6000, Hungary

Company registry number: 03-09-105263
Registry Court: Bács-Kiskun County Court

EU Tax-number: EU11425971
Bank-account: 11763323-51214885
IBAN: HU44117633235121488500000000

Fax: 06-70-904-3699
E-mail: megrendel@jetfly.hu

Customer Service: 12 (I/1.) Kohid street, Kecskemet 6000, Hungary
Phone: +36-70-934-2019
E-mail: shop[at]jetfly.hu
Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 9AM - 5PM

2. Customer Service

Customer Services provide the following:

- delivery of products
- gathering customer feedback
- dealing with complaints,
- handling registration,
- processing orders (from Monday to Friday),
- providing information,
- managing sales and informing registered users about special offers.
You can browse and comment on shop.repulonap.hu without any restrictions. The sites of shop.repulonap.hu are updated on a daily basis.

3. Registration

Purchase in the webshop at shop.repulonap.hu is only available for registered users.
Registration takes place by filling and sending in the registration form on condition that the user understands and accepts the terms and conditions. The successful registration is confirmed via e-mail by the Customer Services. Silicon Dreams Ltd. is entitled to refuse any registration request if the user provides false or insufficient information on the registration form (e.g. the lack of data for delivery), or the data and the circumstances suggest that the purpose of registration is that of no proper use. Furthermore, Silicon Dreams Ltd. is entitled to cancel registration if illegal behavior or action is observed on the part of the user during browsing or purchasing.
Registered users can cancel their registration any time by sending a written request (e-mail) to the Customer Services.
Registered users can modify or delete their personal data or delivery address after logging in and giving their correct username and password. In case they have forgotten these data, they can request a new password in ´´Forgotten password´´, which will be sent to the e-mail address given at registration.
Registered users agree that they will be sent newsletters or notifications about special offers by the Customer Services if they do not request to be otherwise. Registered users can inform the Customer Services in e-mail if they do not wish to use these services.
Registered users can only purchase on their behalf. In case of organizations, only authorized persons can proceed.
Registered users are entitled to all those services that they requested during registration.
Registration is regarded as a contract between the customer and Silicon Dreams Ltd., the language of which is Hungarian. The contract is only recorded electronically.

4. Guarantee & Service

Guarantee request can only be validated with invoice.
The duration of guarantee lasts 1 year starting on the day of delivery. Guarantee request cannot be validated in the following cases: the fault is due to improper use, inefficient delivery or storage, or any other reason that is not the fault of the product, or the product has been repaired by other than the service, or repair has become impossible through no fault of the producer, the seller or the service.
49/2003. (VII.30.) GKM is the proper law of contract with respect to handling guarantee requests.

5. Ordering

The customer can place an order by collecting items in the virtual shopping cart. You can place an order by clicking on the cart button, and you can have a look at the items by clicking on the shopping cart line. Here you can also add or remove items, or empty the cart.
You can remove items by clicking on the ´´Empty all´´ button next to the item, or -1 button next to the ´´product quantity´´ section.
Click on the ACCEPT button to proceed to the Orders page where you can give and modify your invoice and delivery address, telephone number, delivery date, or provide any additional comment. You can give different invoice and delivery addresses; in this case, the delivery address will be indicated on the invoice. After providing all the necessary information, you need to agree to send the order.
Afterwards you find the necessary information about your order in a pop-up window. Only after reading and accepting the terms and conditions can the customer order from our company. Once the transaction is complete, the customer receives an e-mail confirmation about the order. If necessary, our colleague will contact you via e-mail or phone.
Your order will be confirmed by the Customer Services of Silicon Dreams Ltd.

6. Delivery

Delivery is available in Budapest and in the countryside from Monday to Friday.
Your order is delivered by GLS, the subcontractor of Silicon Dreams Ltd.
These delivery terms are only valid in case of online ordering. When filling in the order form, the customer can select how the items need to be delivered.
The cost of delivery is indicated as a separate item on the invoice.
It is not possible to modify the order after the order has been sent.
The costumer is supposed to receive the delivered items and to sign the delivery note. When receiving the items, they must make sure if the ordered items have been delivered, and the quantity and the quality of the products meet the requirements of the customer. Should there be any complaints; the customer must immediately notify the Customer Services.
The above mentioned delivery terms and prices are only valid for purchases in the webshop.

7. Invoicing and payment

The invoice is always made out by Silicon Dream Ltd., and it contains the costs of delivery provided You requested home delivery.
The following payment methods are available:
- bank card,
- bank transfer, the bank account number of Silicon Dreams Ltd.: 

Bank-account: 11763323-51214885
IBAN: HU44117633235121488500000000

8. Paying with a bank card

The virtual card acceptance service for the JETfly webshop is provided by OTP Bank Ltd. by using very secure, SSL technology. In course of bankcard payment you are redirected to the bank´s payment site, and the payment transaction (card data input) is generated in the bank´s site, and not in the JETfly webshop´ site. The payment site is operated by OTP Bank Ltd., according to the rules and regulations of the international card associations. The webshop is not in the possesion and has no access at all to your card data (number, expiry date) and the bank account behind.  The following data is necessary to process a card payment transaction, please prepare your card:
- Card number: (the 13-19 digit embossed or indented number in the front side of your card)
- Expiry date: (the mm/yy format embossed or indented number in the front side of your card)
- Validation code: (the last three digits in the back side of your card in the signature panel, CVC/CVV code). If there is no such code in your card, please leave blank the relevant field in the payment site.

The following card types can be used for payment in our webshop:

Visa: (embossed card)
MasterCard: (embossed card)
American Express: (embossed card)
Electron (not embossed, indented card) It is depending on the issuer of your card, if it is allowed to use for internet payment. If your card is authorized to be used in virtual environment, you can certainly pay with your card in our webshop. In order to get exact information, please consult your issuer bank. OTP cards certainly can be accepted.

9. Data protection

Personal data protection is a top priority for Silicon Dreams Ltd. We are committed to deal with the personal data of our users and customers so that all relevant legal and quality control regulations are met; and thereby creating safe internet use and online shopping. Silicon Dreams Ltd. is committed to handle user and customer data in accordance with current legislation and its own quality control regulations; and thereby contributing to safe internet use and online shopping.
Silicon Dreams Ltd. does not supply information to a third party with the exception of subcontractors so that the delivery can be carried out. Under no circumstances do the subcontractors use and handover the given information to a third party.

Data Protection Acts
Act LXIII of 1997: law on personal and public data,
Act VI of 1998: protection of individuals regarding automatic processing of personal data, Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data - Strasbourg, 28 January 1981;
Act CVIII of 2001: law on certain issues regarding electronic commerce services and information society-related services.
Data is protected by Silicon Dreams Ltd. against unauthorized access, publication, modification, deletion both in network communication (online data management) and in data storage (offline data management).

Only authorized personnel have access to private data only with high levels of control.

During registration Silicon Dreams Ltd. only requests information that is necessary to execute an order or make a purchase.

Data processed during registration can be analyzed by Silicon Dreams Ltd. for internal use and statistics.
The user agrees that Silicon Dreams Ltd. manages, processes and stores their data for the abovementioned purposes.

The user acknowledges that they can modify or withdraw their consent to data management any time; furthermore, they can request the correction or deletion of their personal data, and request information about data management.

10. Contacts

Our website enables the user to get into contact with other service providers through the links. This means that the users are transferred to sites maintained by other services providers, where Silicon Dreams Ltd. has no influence on data management. Silicon Dreams Ltd. shall not be responsible for information published by other websites.

11. Limitation of Liability

By shopping on shop.reulonap.hu, the customer is assumed to acknowledge and accept the possibilities and the limitations of the Internet. Both the user and the customer agree to assess the risks that browsing and purchasing may involve, and to provide the safe use of their own computer and the protection of the stored data.

Silicon Dreams Ltd. shall not be responsible for damages caused by force majeure or any events beyond its control, including damages resulting from:

the use or any malfunction of the website,
modification of data,
delay of information transmission,
software error, Internet network malfunction, other line- or system error caused by other technical problems.
Silicon Dreams Ltd. is entitled to modify unilaterally the terms and conditions of purchase, or these terms and conditions without any explanation or notification. Modifications become effective and applicable on the date of their publications.
Should there be any price change, the old price is valid and should be charged if the order was placed before the introduction of the price change.

12. Copyrights

The website of Silicon Dreams Ltd. is protected by copyright. Beyond personal use, any content of this website (wholly or partially) can only be used, printed, reproduced, distributed, stored and transferred only after obtaining the written permission of Silicon Dreams Ltd.

13. Validity

The content of these terms and conditions including those regarding ordering and delivery, and the prices indicated on the website are only valid in case of online shopping.